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Season Passes / Rentals

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Indy Pass AddOn Pass Availability for Full Season Passholders!
Must be purchased through Indy Pass

Instructions to buy online pass: 
  1. Select Pass type for purchase
  2. Fill out Passholder Information 
  3. Upload Photo
  4. Select any Add-ons (Insurance, Rental, Armband)
  5. Agree to Terms & Conditions
  6. Select Add to Cart (continue for multiple passholders) 
  7. Enter billing information
  8. You will be directed to secured Credit Card site to complete order
Tips for uploading your photo:
We ask you; please upload a photo that is a clear facial photo.
No sunglasses, goggles, hats, or anything obstructs your face.
Passes cannot be processed if this is not done. 

Instructions for ONE-time seasonal rental waiver: 
  1. Fill out email address
  2. Select Load Form/Waiver
  3. If you already have an account - you can select Fill out new form/waiver
  4. If you are a new account holder - Select if You are Parent/Guardian or Participant
  5. Select correct Form/Waiver (Season Ski/Board Rental)
  6. Complete the information for equipment for participant
  7. Sign Liability Form

To UPLOAD PHOTO for Weekend Warrior Pass or Season Pass:
  1. Click "Choose File"
  2. Select the destination on left hand side (ie: If you saved the picture under "Desktop"; Select that. If you are on a mobile device;this should go straight to your photo album and you can scroll through your pictures.)
  3. Select the picture that you saved on the right hand side (ie: if you saved the picture as "John Smith"; Select that. If you are on a mobile device-select from your photo album the photo you want to use.)
  4. Select "Open".
  5. You will be able to see the file chosen where it says "Photo".

* Open select Mondays.
**Sundown is not responsible for lost or damaged passes or gift cards once mailed. Re-print fees will apply if lost or damaged.

Pass/Rental Type Price
  Individual Season Pass $485.00 - SOLD OUT

Terms & Conditions

Please note: Season Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and may not be resold.

If you cannot use your pass due to lack of snow, medical reasons, pregnancy, divorce, moving away or any other reason, you will not receive a refund. Purchase Season Pass insurance to protect your investment in the event you can't use your pass for medical reasons. If you are not able to use your pass for medical reasons, we'll give you a pro-rated credit.

PASS PROTECTION PLAN (available only at time of pass purchase)

$25 plus tax. Sundown Mountain will reimburse the cost of your Pass on a prorated basis in the event of injury, sickness, or job relocation (200 miles or more). Injury or illness must be confirmed by letter from a licensed physician. Relocation must be supported by a letter from your employer. Claims must be made within 10 days. Refunds will be based on the date of the Doctors release or date of relocation. Refunds will be prorated based on a 100 day season. If you decline the Protection Plan and should be unable to use your Pass for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund. Pass protection will not cover transfers to other people or transfers to other seasons. 


  • The following responsibility code must be adhered to for your safety and the safety of others. If you do not agree with the Responsibility Code, do not purchase a pass to use the facilities at Sundown Mountain. Purchase of passes will acknowledge your agreement that you will obey the following:
  • Be alert for hazards. Ski/snowboard under control and in such a manner that you can stop or avoid vehicles, snowmaking equipment, other objects, or skiers/snowboarders.
  • Each skier/snowboarder must assume responsibility for his or her actions as it relates to the safety of others.
  • Yield to other skiers/snowboarders when entering a trail or starting downhill.
  • Avoid the person below you when going downhill or overtaking another skier/snowboarder.
  • Avoid stopping where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • Ski/snowboard on open groomed areas only. Keep off closed trails and posted areas and observe all posted signs.
  • Jumping is permitted in designated areas only (i.e., Terrain Park). Jumping carries a serious risk.
  • Speed should be greatly reduced on beginner (green dot) runs and any congested areas. No racing is permitted except in designated areas at designated times.
  • All snowboards/skis shall be equipped with metal edges and retention straps or ski brakes.
  • All chairlift passengers must remain seated at all times while riding the lifts. Snowboarders must have one foot free of their bindings when loading and unloading from chairlifts.
  • Each skier/snowboarder is responsible for knowing how to load and unload from lifts.


    • Sundown’s Gold membership provide the owner full use of Sundown Lifts during normal operating hours.
    • Sundown’s Weekend Warrior membership (valid Saturday & Sunday only) provide the owner full use of Sundown Lifts during normal operating hours on Saturday & Sunday.
    • Sundown’s Week Day Warrior membership (valid *Mondays-Fridays) provide the owner full use of Sundown Lifts during normal operating hours *Mondays-Fridays only. (*Select Mondays open during season)
    • It is mandatory that Membership I.D.'s must be visible on the right arm or upper body (excluding gloves and hats) at all times
    • Memberships are NOT transferable under any circumstances. Any membership that is transferred will no longer be honored by Sundown.
    • All memberships are non-refundable.
    • Sundown assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage, including loss or breakage of member’s equipment.
    • We reserve the right to require proof of age and/or school attendance.
    • Sundown is a recreational ski/board area.
    • Members are responsible to know these Membership Rules, "Your Responsibility Code," general rules for safety and good conduct and for obeying all Sundown signage.
    • The following will be cause for immediate loss of skiing privileges:
          a. Theft and/or vandalism of Sundown or other guest property.
          b. Use of foul language.
          c. Interference with snowmaking, grooming or ski patrol operations.
          d. Smoking in non-smoking areas – Underage Smoking.
          e. Violation of "Your Responsibility Code."
          f. Violation of general rules for safety and good conduct.
          g. Failure to obey Sundown signage.
    • Loss of your season membership card may result in your loss of skiing privileges for one week. A new card fee of $15.00 must be paid and a new membership will be issued.
    • ONE day lift ticket will be issued if a pass is forgotten.
    • Any passholder who is caught obtaining free day tickets or obtaining a duplicate pass under this policy and giving them to another customer to use will be subject to the following repercussions:
    • Revocation of the season pass and/or Fine and prosecution for theft 

    Sundown management reserves the right to determine what lifts or runs are operating at what time.

    I understand that violation of any of Sundown’s rules or policies will constitute good cause for loss of membership for the season.