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Locker Rentals

If you had a locker for 2020-2021 Season - Lockers NEED to be emptied by October 1st. 

If you would like to renew the same locker as last year - please purchase a new season locker rental and we will keep you in the same one. If it is beyond Oct. 1st, a new locker will be reassigned to you. 

Locker Rental Details:
* Limited locker availability; first come, first serve basis until supply is gone
* Allow 2-3 days for processing
* Must stop at ticket window to receive locker number and location during normal business hours

Qty Rental Type Price
Full Season Locker Rental $100.00

Terms & Conditions

1. Sundown will provide a locker for your use at an annual fee:
2. The user will be responsible for the security of his/her own equipment. The padlock and equipment must be removed by March 30th of the current season.
3. Sundown will not be responsible for any theft or vandalism. This must be covered by the user’s home insurance policy.
4. No alcohol, drugs, food, or drink are permitted in the club room area.
5. User is expected to remove excess snow etc. to minimize damage to lockers. The locker area is to be kept clean.
6. User is expected to show respect for Sundown property and the property of other users. NO TAMPERING WITH OTHER LOCKERS.
7. All lockers must be paid for prior to use. No lockers will be held for payment at a later date.
I have read and agree to the conditions listed above and understand that any violation of these rules will result in a loss of my locker.